Unrest in Shenzhen

The worker added that the factory’s more than 1,000 employees were acting independently of the government-sanctioned All China Federation of Trade Unions. “The [official] union has never done anything to help protect our rights,” the worker said. “We don’t trust it or the [government] labour bureau.” Independent unions are banned in China.’ ‘The factory’s workers are demanding higher payments both for workers who agree to transfer to Lenovo and for those who decide to leave.’ ‘Pictures posted online showed Shenzhen police vans and labour department vehicles parked near the factory, although no arrests have been reported.’ ‘In two separate cases in southern Guangdong province, more than a dozen workers are being prosecuted for “public order” offences after they participated in labour protests at a furniture factory and a hospital. Activists fear the cases signal that a crackdown on legal activists launched last year is being extended to labour organisers as well.
Source Tom Mitchell and Charles Glover (2014) ‘IBM workers strike in China over terms of Lenovo takeover’. FT.com
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