Wool Sorting 3

All that skill, and Bradford was the centre of the skill. We could get it.(…)It was amazing round that room, somebody, if you mentioned any particular part of the world, Uruguay or wherever it was, said “Oh yes I’ve been there” or “We buy their wool every year”, and people don’t realise what a centre Bradford was. It was the world centre, and of course the secret was, because the great art in the wool textile industry is blending, blending. In Bradford we had access, that’s the great thing about wool, if you’ve got the money to pay for it, in those days anyhow you could buy wool anywhere in the world you know, so that Bradford was – if you couldn’t get one kind of wool, you got another, and if that was cheaper, you got that and so on, and that was called the mysterious art of blending you know. So that it’s a life-long job terribly interesting – very sad to me that it’s now become more … all over the world.
Source A wool sorter describes his work in the 1920s
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