Not surprisingly, there was also spike in police intervention and arrests during this period, with 22 incidents seeing a police response, double the 11 incidents in the previous three months. Nine strikes ended with arrests, compared with only four from March to May. In Guangdong, for example, police detained 14 workers from Xinrongxin Kitchen Appliance in Shunde district on 27 August after they took to the streets demanding a total of four million yuan in wage arrears.
However, it is important to note that based on data from June to August 2012, workers in China now seem to be facing a more “friendly” police force and fewer arrests. In the summer of 2012, about 47 percent of the recorded incidents saw a police intervention, and almost 17 percent ended with some arrests or detentions; in 2013, however, the numbers dropped
Source China Labour Bulletin article on strikes over the summer of 2013
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