Water shortages at the Dong River

First, all of the available water on the Dongjiang is already being used, meaning there is no room for future growth in demand. The Dongjiang basin was the first in China to have a water allocation plan: in 2008, overall limits on the amount of water to be used were set. But by 2010, the five cities in the basin (not including Hong Kong) were either using or close to using all of their allocations. This was particularly the case in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Heyuan and Huizhou, which rely heavily on the river (...)

In conclusion, the Dongjiang has been overloaded. If the current mode of development were to proceed as is, the Dongjiang basin could not develop sustainably. All the cities that benefit from the Dongjiang water allocation today would be greatly restricted in future. 

Source China Dialogue article describing a future crisis as demand for water from the Dong River increases, July 2012.
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