Sustainable Apparel's blindspot

The reduction of pollution discharge from the textile industry has become a focus for society. The central and local government, as well as the general public and textile industry associations are all working hard to strengthen environmental management and push textile companies to reduce energy consumption and pollution discharge. A large number of apparel brands and retailers have also come out with their own sustainable procurement policies. However, supply chain environmental management for many brands just reaches to their first tier of suppliers, which is usually just cut and sew factories. For the environmental performance of their most polluting materials suppliers, their understanding has limits and some brands are not even clear who these suppliers are. Therefore, sustainable apparel has this dangerous blind spot that means that dyeing and finishing enterprises lower their environmental standards in order to win orders, which in turn creates a race to the bottom.

Source Extract from the Chinese Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs 2008 report on Cleaning up the Textile Industry.
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