Pay and living standards

According to CLW investigation, after about 240 procedures to complete a piece of clothing, worker receives about 15 RMB ($2.11). Thus, a Banana Republic dress shirt charging $49.99 in market price, a roughly four percent of it goes to workers' pocket. From our living standard research for workers, each year, to maintain a family of three, it would cost a worker's family about $30,500 RMB. The expense /includes rent, utilities, food, daily commodities, and education for children

Workers face difficulties in providing their families with financially secure homes; they are forced to limit monthly expenses such as food and clothes to the very the minimum; and education is a far and distant goal for them—they have no additional expenses to advance themselves or their children in terms of the knowledge and technical qualifications that society increasingly requires. Thus, at least both the current and next generation of workers will continue to struggle just to get by and the vicious cycle of poverty leading to poverty will continue.

Source Extract from China Labor Watch Academic Research report on Lever Style Inc.
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