Clothing copycats

In China, truly original fashion designs are rare. While Chinese ‘fashion’ designers are good at copying, they are rather poor at doing their own job. Inspiration is often drawn from the big international fashion brands such as Givenchi and Kenzo, but local original designers also suffer at the hands of the copycats. Designers of truly original garments try to stop the trend in two ways. Firstly, they attempt to make their work harder to copy. To give an example, one fashion designer’s new line consists of handmade items made by rural women in Guizhou Province who are masters of traditional spinning, weaving and dyeing. Secondly, they try to discourage consumers from buying pirated goods. Both avenues have not been particularly successful, making it difficult for independent designers to make a living.   
Source Article on globaltimes.cn by Xue Lingling
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