Regina Miracle Family

Regina Miracle Family: Work and Leisure Facilities

Regina Miracle is located in the beautiful Shiyan Lake Resort. The company has a garden-style factory with plants for fresh air and clean areas to deliver a healthy work environment. The work sites are equipped with air-conditioning, heating and ventilation systems to provide the staff with comfortable working conditions. The united and harmonious working atmosphere, modern equipment, and advanced production management scheme create active progress to the corporate culture. Every year, the company celebrates holidays with parties that include major entertainment and various sports activities for the benefit of the staff. In addition, the staff also has access to phone rooms so they may call their loved ones, a huge entertainment club,a library, a table tennis room, a TV room, laundry rooms, internet Café's, supermarkets, soccer fields, basketball courts, badminton courts, entertainment arenas, health care stations, postal business station, ATM and other facilities all within the factory. These amenities were established to create a comfortable and harmonious living environment and fulfil the primary necessities of the staff.

Source Description of the amenities and lifestyle provided for workers at Regina Miracle International Ltd, one of the world’s biggest lingerie factories, located in Shenzhen.
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