Proposed reforms for migrant workers

1) Simplify the identification process of the occupational black lung. 
2) The government provides medical and living assistance for black lung patients who cannot find the main party legally responsible for the injury or are not covered by the injury insurance. The government also should include black lung in the conditions covered by urban and rural residents’ basic medical insurance. 
3) There should be major production of medicine for the treatment of black lung. 
4) Implementation of the prepaid system for the work-related injury insurance benefits. 
5) Establish funds to assist and compensate those who contract black lung. 
6) Improve the labor and employment system and compel employers to pay for the employees’ work-related insurance. 
7) Strengthen supervision and severely punish those employers who have serious labor law violation problems. 
8) Establish accountability mechanisms and strengthen the regulatory responsibilities of government departments.
9) Research new technologies and methods to prevent the generation of black lung at its earliest stage. 
10) Amend Rules on Black Lung Prevention and Control of the People's Republic of China promulgated in 1987.
Source Recommendations on Practically Solving Migrant Workers Medical and Living Assistance Issues. Reported in the China Economic Times, November 2013.
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