Hired goons target rights groups

On Thursday, approximately sixty unidentified goons carrying hammers broke into the offices of a workers advocacy group in Shenzhen, China.
They ransacked the premises, attacking anyone who tried to prevent them. After removing documents and equipment, and sealed the premises by welding the doors shut.
Terrified workers and onlookers called the police on several occasions, but for some strange reason they never came.
Following the attack, the workers took all their equipment a local storage facility. However, the facility owner refused to rent space to them. Later that day, the workers who had spoken to the storage facility manager, was evicted from his home by the landlord. Two other employees were subsequently harassed by unidentified gangs of men at their homes.
A spokesperson said:
“We have now petitioned the Shenzhen municipal Letters and Calls Office and the office of the local National People’s Congress, but they told us they would not handle this issue and told us to take our complaints to the district level instead. I don’t think this is a simple case. Almost 10 other NGOs (Non-governmental organisations [in Shenzhen] have faced similar crackdowns.”
Source Libcom.org report the harassment of workers’ advocacy groups in China, 1st September 2012
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