H+M supplier list

For many years, we have worked hard to build strong, long-term relations with our suppliers, based on mutual trust and transparency. This allows us to disclose the names and locations of their factories without major concerns about the ongoing competition on the best available production capacity in our industry. In contrary, our experience showed that this step incentivizes our suppliers for increasingly taking ownership over their sustainability and that it recognizes the progress they make. This is why we have gone even further now. The list now includes all factories that make products for any brand within the H&M Group – even those that we have just started working with. It even includes so called processing factories that in certain cases can be subcontracted by our suppliers to perform specific outsourced tasks such as printing or washing. We hope that this step will further contribute to increased transparency and sustainability in our entire industry.
Source H+M publish a list of their supplier factories, to reassure consumers of transparency. Updated 8th April 2014.
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