Piece/ time wages.

Q: It did gradually move over from piece work to time-work?

A: Yes it did. Yes, it did.

Q: What brought that about?

A: It took a long, long time. What moved towards that was the war years, you know, where there had to be some deal…er, recompense; Another thing that’s established in the industry now, you know, was never established by agreement and could be stopped at any time, but there’d be a real carry-on if they did, and that was the tea-breaks, you know. The war introduced the tea-breaks, morning and afternoon, and if they were taken off there’d be such a shindig, but they could be taken off, because there was never an official agreement that they be introduced, you see. They were introduced purely voluntarily.

Source A weaver talks about the changes in wages in the post-war years.
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