Joining a union

“I did eventually join a union but it were only because they started then saying that, you know, everybody … they wanted everybody to join a union (…) Transport and General Workers was it. I can’t remember which one it was. But it were only because they said well they would fight your case if you’d anything … but I’d never anything, any trouble with it. What trouble I had I could settle myself, you know with my overlooker or with a boss. Er, I’m not saying I didn’t have lots of arguments, I did, and I’ve shouted many a time and played pop but they were things that you could settle with your overlooker provided he was a man you could talk to and a man that you could .. er ..er … sort of .. er .. you could argue with him and then ten minutes after he’d come and he’d say, ‘Now then lass are you alright’, and you knew that you’d either got through to him and he were agreeing with you or he were going to do something about it.”
Source A female drawer at Black Dyke Mills discusses workplace disputes
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