I’m not paid to think

I remember one particular – a chap had been told to dry some pieces … and the dye for some reason doesn’t settle in the pieces, it runs off you know and if it’s left in the roll or in a cart it’ll run straight to the bottom, so you’ll get varying shades. And this chap, normally his job, first thing he went – he had to dry these reds, but he’d been told to dry some other pieces, but he thought “I’ll finish the reds first and then I’ll dry the others”. But this foreman was adamant and “Down the street you go”, which is – he were doing what he should have done and I remember I think I lost a week’s holiday pay through being on strike (...)He was re-instated but you know, it was just a moral issue. He’d done what he thought was right, I think the foreman had got out of the wrong side of bed that morning, so (laughs) – sort of “Do as you’re told”. They’d always this attitude of, you’d say “But I thought I should have..” “You’re not paid to think”. (Laughs) You know you could strangle them sometimes. (Laughs) “I’m not paid to think”.
Source A male dyer describes striking over the sacking of a colleague in 1961
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