Start of migrant labour UK

Q: was there a great labour shortage after the Second World War?
A: Well of course that was filled by the Pakistanis (…)
People foresaw the situation when perhaps there wouldn’t be full employment, and it was sort of a tacit understanding that when hard times came, and there wasn’t full employment the Pakistanis would be the first to, to , go, you know, but happily, I think it’s wonderful really, that’s never occurred, never occurred, there’s been no discrimination of any kind that I know of when people have had to go, they’ve had to go. And our people have never, I’ve never heard anybody mention ever anything but that – I remember very well being talk at the time, so happily you can fear things sometimes that never happen. It hasn’t happened.
Q: What date the – what date did the first Pakistani start work with you?
A: It’s entirely from guesswork but I would think, what, twenty-odd years at least, a minimum of twenty-odd years – because there are now young Pakistanis who are pretty well old enough to play cricket for Yorkshire, which is a very important thing, isn’t it?
Source A wool merchant describes the introduction of Pakistani workers after the Second World War
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